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 I​ am so excited for this coming year and I cannot wait to share some of the new products and services that I will be releasing this year. So, since ya'll are my best peeps, I want to give you the 411.

H​ere is what you can expect to see from Wonderfully Fashioned this year.

1​. Tatted Lace Essential Oils Air Freshners:

A​ lot of my best ideas for new products actually come form you guys, my awesoe customers. The idea for these litle beauties came from one of the ladies who purchased a tatted lace essential oils snowflake ornament from me at a Christmas Market. We were talking about the different oils we both like using and she mentioned that it would not only make a great ornament, but she was planning to use it in her car as an air freshner.

I​ was like, "Duh?! Why didn't I think of that?"

H​ere's why you'll love this new air freshner:

  • T​he new air freshners are 'green'. Because you just add a drop or two of essentail oils to the lava rock bead in the middle, you can help eliminate some paper waste that you would otherwise add to by using the conventional car air freshner.

  • T​hey're pretty. I've always thought conventional car air freshners were ugly. I'd much rather have this beauty hanging from my dash or my rearview mirror.

  • T​hey're versatile. I've also never been able to find a scent I like from conventional air freshners. I love that these take essential oils becuase you can switch out the scent whenever you like.

  • 2​. Home Decor Division:

    I​ love all things home decor, and I I've been creating some really great pieces, from jewelry holders to nursery mobiles. Here are some products I am planning to launch this year in my new home decor division of Wonderfully Fashioned:

  • E​ssential Oils Nursery Mobiles: I made one of these for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. I've added flowers similar to the air freshners that have essential oils beads in them. You will be able to put a drop or two of say, lavender essential oils (great for promoting sleep), on the beads. Give your little one something fun and pretty to look at during the day and something that will help them sleep at night. Win win!

  • O​ne-of-a-kind refurbished furiture. I did a desk makeover last year and turned it into a changing table for the babies room. You can check out a before and after video below of how it turned out. I am super excited to do more furniture flips this year!

    Dresser Flip 

  • J​ewelry Holders: I am in love with all things rustic and 'barnwood-y'. Last year I created these simple jewelry holders. Not only are they perfect for organizing your jewelry, but they carry encouraging messages of who God created you to be.

  • 4​. Thread & Pattern

    A​nd lastly, I am planning on starting a division just for tatters. I have plans to start a subscription based division of the business later this year. The boxes will features beautiful hand-dyed threads and original patterns by yours truly. There will be different options for subscriptions so if you're a tatter or know someone who is, you'll want to hang around for the launch, slotted to take place this Summer!

    A​nd that's the 411!

    Anyhoo, I​ would love to hear your thoughts. What are you most excited to see coming from Wonderfully Fashioned? Do you have ideas for other products you'd like to see? I'd love to hear your input, so drop me line in the comments below!


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