Our Story

Nicole Boyd

Hey there! My name is Nicole Boyd and I am so stoked you're here! I'm a native Oregonian and have lived in the small farming community of Klamath Falls for pretty much all my life. I've been married to my wonderful husband, Colton, for seven years. We have two kiddos-- Kaleb (4), and Kallie (3).

I started teaching herself to tat (an old world technique for making lace) in 2014. The lost art of tatting quickly became a passion for me and I have been designing lace jewelry ever since. I also create custom colors for my hand-dyed threads. 

Along with tatted lace jewelry, I have added wire-wrapped gems and wooden pieces to my collections in recent years. I love mixing these different techniques to create jewelry pieces that are truly unique. 

Hannah Davenport

In 2020, I welcomed my sister, Hannah, onto my team. She is an amazing woodworker and makes all of our exotic hardwood jewelry pieces, as well as our resin pieces. 

The name Wonderfully Fashioned was inspired by one of my favorite scriptures: “For I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” ~ Psalm 139:14. My mission is not only to create beautiful jewelry pieces, but to also bring encouragement and hope to others. I believe that every person was created for a purpose and I want my jewelry pieces to be physical reminders of how amazing YOU are!

Driven by my passion to see women empowered, I have been supporting an organization called Exodus Cry since the summer of 2017. This organization is devoted to fighting human trafficking all over the world through rescue efforts, as well as pushing to change cultural mindsets through films and legislation. $1 of each sale is given to Exodus Cry and I hope to someday be able to travel on short term mission trips with the organization to see people set free.

In 2018 I created a special jewelry piece inspired by the Exodus Cry logo called "Freedom" Ear Jackets. 75% of the proceeds from the sale of this item goes to Exodus Cry to further support their efforts. You can find the "Freedom" Ear Jackets here if you would like to partner with me in fighting human trafficking. 

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