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Music has always been something that inspires me. I have a special playlist that inspires me and gives me energy as I'm designing collections and making jewelry, as well as keeps me motivated while I'm working on the more "boring" parts of running a business, like balancing the bank and ordering supplies. 

I pretty love anything that's jazz from the 1940's and 50's, especially Ella Fitzgerald. And I also love listening to Michael Buble. Bethel music is also something that really inspires me. 

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Here are my top ten songs for when I'm working in the studio: 

1. "On an Evening in Roma" by Michael Buble

2. "La Vi En Rose" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong


3. "Nella Fantasia" by Jackie Evancho

4. "Starlight" by Amana Cook

5. "Sweet Praise (Spontaneous)" by Bethel

6. "The Memoirs of a Geisha" Soundtrack. While I don't endorse the movie, except if it's an edited version, I do really love the music from this film. 

7. "The Butterfly" by The Celtic Woman featuring Mairead Nesbitt

8. "Trey Comes Onto Prudie" from Jane Austen Book Club. Also another movie that I don't endorse, (I've never actually seen it) but I heard this song on Pandora once and loved it. 

9. "You Make Me Happy (Spontaneous)" by Jean Johnson

10. "You and I" Michael Buble

What are your favorite songs or styles of music for getting your 'work' on? 

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