Round Ziricote Wood Earrings


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Imagine walking through the dense jungle somewhere in the Yucatán Peninsula on your way to discover an ancient Aztec ruin. On the way, you spot a tree with bright yellow fruit, something akin to a grapefruit. You stop and rest under the Ziricote tree, it’s branches almost leaning down to give you a taste of it’s sweet fruit. The trunk of the tree is short and stout, but sturdy. You think, “I bet this would make a beautiful pair of earrings...” 

And of course, you’re right! These earrings carry a touch of the exotic, wild jungles where this wood is found. With its wave-like patterns, the Ziricote wood earrings have a unique look that is sure to please. And even though it is a hardwood, these earrings are surprisingly lightweight. 


Materials and measurements: 

Round Earrings: 1.5 inch diameter 

- Silver Fishhook Earrings