Fall of the Dawn - Paperback


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It was a world brought to life through music…

The beating heart of all things good is founded on the melodies of Luminia. Without music, the sun will not rise, crops will not grow, and the colors will drain from their world. Luminia holds her breath for the long-expected heir to be born. But darkness lurks in the shadows on the eve of the prince’s birth. Delgadas seeks to bring down the ruling family, planting discord so Luminia will crumble from the inside out. By silencing the Musicians, he can make his grasp for power and bring the country to her knees. 

A lone child could prove Delgadas’ undoing…

Bravaro is a boy from another world. Left wandering in the jungles of the borderlands, he is taken in by a loving family, unable to return to his own land. Far from the political schemes churning throughout the royal city, Bravaro is able to enjoy village life, learning to hunt and work the land. But peace is short lived when raiders attack his home and steal away his family. His quest to rescue them will take him further than he ever imagined. Suddenly caught in a world of intrigue, Bravaro must embark on a journey to stop those who would destroy everything Luminia stands for. However, memories of his birth family and tumultuous life before coming to Luminia threaten to terminate his mission before he has even begun. 

How can he know his place if he cannot even remember where he came from?

Bravaro and the few still courageous enough to stand up to evil will have to face a battle with impossible odds. Will they be able to break Delgadas’ stranglehold? Or will their beloved homeland be doomed to a slow and painful death without music?