I'm ”Marie Kondo-ing” My House

Posted by Nicole Boyd on

I​ am one of those weird people who love a mess. But even more than the mess, I love the  challenge of organizing the mess. Yes, I love bring order where there is chaos. And believe me, I have plenty of mess with two littles running around. But working a part-time and trying to get couple businesses off the ground, as well as all the church events we have going on, makes the mess overwhelming to say the least. 

S​o when I found Marie Kondo's TV series called Tiddying Up, I was instantly hooked. Today I want to share my journey to tiddyingup my own mess of a home.

Organizing with  two small children is definitely a challenge. Doing it when you live in an 800 square foot (almost) tinyhouse makes it even harder. But I have gotten on the minimalist band-wagon in many respects . All the "stuff" is overwhelming and let's face it, kids would rather play with the boxes that the toys came in rather than the actual toys. I have been on a de-cluttering kick for the last few weeks and it has freed up so much time and emotional energy. As I try to grow my business, I just don't have time to be constantly looking up after my kids or fighting ”laundry mountain”.

I don't agree with everything Marie Kondo does on her show, like thanking the house. Instead, I thank God for his provision of a house to live in. Other than that, her advice on organizing and decluttering is solid. There are three major things I've taken from the show and kind of tweaked for my own purposes. 


This one might be weird, but I love how Marie folds laundry. It saves so much space and you can actually see what article of clothing your looking for. 


It's okay to get rid of your kids toys. Something that were implemented in our house is to organize the your into categories and put then in fabric storage boxes. When the kids want to play with cars, they can get that box out and Then when they're done, they have to clean that up and put it away in the cubby before they get out a different box. Let me just say that my insanity level has been lowered so much. 



I've made a cleaning schedule, separating the house into five parts. I deep clean one section each day of the week. And then there are daily chores that I do, like dishes, laundry, and sweeping the floor. Doing a little bit each day helps me keep the house clean and actually cuts down on time that I spend cleaning. 


How do you save time taking care of your home? 


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