Purple Jasper Necklace

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Have you ever been in a whirlpool? And no, I don't mean the washing machine brand. (That would be bad for your health.) No, I mean a natural whirlpool in a river. When I was thirteen I went on a youth rafting adventure and we got to swim in a whirlpool. Getting to sit on the edge and look deep into the water's swirling below was so calming, mesmerizing, even. 

Being on the water calms you and listening to the gentle lapping of the current has a way of melting the worlds problems away. That is one of the reasons I chose this purple jasper stone. It exactly what I imagine a whirlpool would look like if one could dive down under the surface. These necklaces embody those memories for me. No two necklaces are exactly alike, just like "you can never step in the same river twice." 


- Silver Wire

- 30" Silver Adjustable Chain with Lobster Clasp

- Purple Jasper Slices