Jasper ear cuffs

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Hey there, mom on the go! You are killin’ it as you take care of your family and make sure your home runs smoothly. But sometimes you miss being able to dress up, finding yourself athleisure wear most of time. I get you, believe me! 

You want to be comfortable but still wear some bling, am I right? These Jasper ear cuffs will give you that little bit of bling without getting in your way as you chase the toddler with the underwear over his head through the house. (Yes, I’ve had to do that and yes, I almost ran into the fridge...) 😂 

Simply put the spoke of the ear cuff in and twist until the beads climb up your ear lobe like ivy kn a trellis. You can clamp the cuff together if you need it a little tighter to keep it in place and voi la! You’re ready to go. You might even forget you’re wearing them... 


- Silver Wire

- Choice of Blue or Purple Jasper Beads