Essential Oils Air Freshener

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You can always tell the car of a mom from a car of a non-mom. Mom cars seem to have a certain smell, like old milk and old snacks lurking in every crevice. No matter how much you clean and detail, the smells seem to hang around, if even faintly. (That’s because you have toddlers in the back, m’dear.) 

These essential oils air fresheners use lava rock beads to help make your car and home smelling fresh. Choose your favorite essentials oils (like lavender or orange to promote calm car rides with the littles). Place a few drops on each of the three lava rock beads, and then hang the air freshener around your rear view mirror for a refreshing atmosphere. 

The lava rock beads will not deteriorate over time, so they are perfect for diffusing essential oils. And the hand-dyed Tatted lace makes them the perfect accessory for your car and home! 


- Lava rock beads

- Hand-dyed Tatted lace