Ear Jacket Set

Ear Jacket Set

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This set of three studs paired with our lace ear jackets is the perfect way to get the best bang for your buck! Mix and match these beautiful studs with any color of lace ear jacket: and the best part is you can add in stud earrings you already own, too! 

Included are faux druzy gemstone studs, with various colors to choose from: black, crimson red, rose pink, and teal blue. Next is a marble triangle studs with gold accents, and last is an exquisite gold lotus flower. 

Use the marble stud when going for a more casual look and the druzy and lotus for a more sophisticated look. 


- tatted lace ear jacket backings with gold seed beads

- druzy gemstone studs, gold plated

- marble triangle studs, gold plated

- lotus flower studs, gold plated