Blue Crystal “Stone Knuckles of Doom”

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I first saw brass knuckles in the film "The Newsies" with Christian Bale. (My thirteen-year-old self definitely had a crush on him.) The female lead was trapped in an alley with two world-class jerks and they were threatening to hurt her older brother. Of course, her brother comes to the rescue, but he is no match for the guy with brass knuckles. She manages to punch one of them in the face before Christian Bale rushes onto the scene and saves the day. 

The "Stone Knuckles of Doom" started out as a joke between my sister and I, but after awhile, the name just stuck. This double ring is meant to be worn on the third and middle finger, sporting four blue crystals. You may never have need of this ring as a defense against turn-of-the century newsboys who are trying to beat up your brother. But if they see you wearing these knuckles of doom, they'll definitely think twice...


- Silver wire

- Four Blue Crystals

Please look at the variations and choose the sizes for each of the ring fingers. I suggest wearing this piece on the third (wedding ring) finger and the middle finger.