Blue Crystal Ring, Double Stone

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When I was thirteen, I went on a youth trip in Northern California. It was an adventure, for sure. We went rock climbing on a shear cliff face, rafted the rapids and almost got caught on a rock called The Devil's Tooth, and hiked to a waterfall. After the two-hour trek to the waterfall, we were told that we could go behind the waterfall and jump through it! I was so nervous, but I went with a few of my friends and did it. It felt so freeing to face my fears. 

And when I came to the rocky shore again, I saw the most beautiful multi-colored stones glistening in the crystal clear waters. I felt so at peace and refreshed. That is what I thought about as I was designing these rings. And I hope you feel the same every time you place one of these rings on your finger. 


- Silver wire

- Sky Blue Crystals